A spooky tour around London


  • Duration – A three-hour tour
  • Timings – 10:00, 10:30, 11:00, 12:00
  • Maximum number of people: Six
  • Highlights – Murder Mayhem Execution Exhumation is what you’ll see. Along with plague, Pest, Disease, Death and ghosts.
  • Service – Chauffeured Car Service, wheelchair friendly.
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Dive into your favourite horror fantasy with this tour

We are a bunch of native Londoners who enjoy delivering insight and narratives about all of our tour stops and London’s macabre historic landmarks, tales of the insane, evil, and plain old sad. We explore execution sites, plague pits, murder scenes, and eerie churchyards on this chilling trip. We go deep into the terrible underbelly of London’s past. This tour does not include visits to major landmarks; instead, it focuses on back alleyways, side streets, and locations that are a little hidden.

Because we are so enthralled with London and its history, we will also pay a visit to the site of a plague victim’s burial, a witch’s burning, and one of Jack the Ripper’s terrible murders, which is located in a remote backstreet that is only that barely allows our London cab to drive through. It is widely believed that England has more ghosts, and an even horrible history, than any other country. Our fascination with deadly tales is well-known in the United Kingdom, and what makes this tour even more terrifying is that everything on it is historically accurate. It is not a stop-and-go expedition, as the name implies. 

We will serve as your own tour guides and chauffeurs throughout the day, and we will explain everything as we go. Along the route, there are various photo chances to capture. All of the walks are only a few minutes in length, which is convenient. The time it takes to see largely varies from one or two minutes to a couple of minutes based on where you are and how big the area is.

Discovering evidence of’ stacking’ and “resurrection,” in addition to visiting a place where pirates were hanged, will be a highlight of this tour. It is here, hidden in a small pocket park, that we will uncover a memorial that honours acts of heroism but is also tinged with sadness.

The best part about this London Scary Tour is that we don’t have to make up any of the characters, from the dissolute to the dissolution. Maybe those haunting tales aren’t accurate after all!

Having a driver cum walking guide, such as ourselves, conducting your tour in a London cab is extremely efficient and will contribute to making the day pleasurable and memorable for everyone.

We’re always within walking distance of coffee shops and restroom facilities.

Security and well being

  • An intercom system allows for two-way conversation as well as the exchange of opinions among passengers in London cabs, separated by a translucent perspex divider. 
  • On all trips, there will be periods of walking that will be done as safely as possible.
  • Hand sanitiser is readily available.
  • The taxi is thoroughly cleaned before each excursion.
  • An official Visit England health certificate stating that you are “Good to Go.”

Things to know

  • In addition to serving as your tour guide and driver, we will provide detailed commentary and terrifying anecdotes during the excursion.
  • There are numerous photo opportunities as well as the occasional short hike.
  • We provide a Door-2-Door service, which means we will pick you up and drop you off anywhere in central London (extra charges may apply if different).
  • Tours can be combined and may last up to 5 or 7 hours, for example, London Sightseeing and City Tours for the highlights as well as the horror.
  • Water in a bottle
  • Accessible to people with wheelchairs.
  • Mercedes Vito London Taxi — spacious, partitioned, and equipped with air conditioning.

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3-Hour Tour


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