Make your layover at Heathrow interesting with a Private tour of London


  • Important details
  • Wheelchair friendly status: Yes
  • Tour duration: 3 hours
  • Tour timing: For flight landings between 5:30 a.m to 11 a.m
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Make the best of your Heathrow layover with a private tour of London and see the city like never before. To get started with the tour, your driver will meet you at the Arrivals terminal at Heathrow or London Paddington Station, as per your preference. If you have questions regarding the tour and pricing, you can inquire your driver about it or the person you contact at customer service when you book the tour. 

If you are worried about any pricing or have questions regarding the tour, please inquire before booking. Providing arrival and departure timing at the time of booking helps us plan a successful tour for you. For a successful tour, a layover with 8 hours or more is better. An 8+ layover between arrival and departure helps us plan a tour that covers London’s most important tourist spots.

Important Note: Unless your layover is overnight, we offer London layover tours for morning landings only. Our tour typically starts at 5:30 a.m through 11:00 a.m.


Additional information to know

  • The maximum number of people allowed in a single tour is six (including the carry-on luggage).
  • The preferred pickup point and drop off point is either at London Heathrow Airport or London Paddington Station.
  • Your driver will provide you with full commentary throughout the tour, describing the importance of the sights.
  • If you like short walks, you will come across various treks and enjoy short walks and have photo ops along the way. 
  • We offer wheelchair-accessible ramps to get in and out of the car, bottled water for your convenience. 
  • Our cars are comfortable, have a partition between the driver and passengers for privacy and air condition. 


Health and Safety Precautions 

  • To avoid spreading viruses and germs in the air, we provide a transparent partition between the passengers and the driver to keep both parties safe.
  • We have installed intercoms on both the passenger’s and driver’s sides for the commentary and a two-way conversation. 
  • We have hand sanitisers available in the vehicle, as well as the driver will always keep their masks on. 
  • All the walking tours are safe, done maintaining social distancing. 
  • All our taxis are sanitised properly before and after each tour. 


What to expect from the tour?

From our private London tour, you can expect to visit all the famous tourists’ spots around the city and witness some historical monuments. Your driver/tour guide is a local who will provide you with useful and correct information about the sites you visit so that your tour will be enjoyable as well as informational. You might also get a chance to visit some of the best restaurants, cafes and bistros while on tour. To know more about the tours, it is always a good idea to contact a customer representative and inquire about them beforehand.

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