Private Harry Potter London taxi tour for muggles


  • Time: 09:00, 10:00, 11:00, 12:00
  • Capacity: Maximum 6 people per tour
  • Duration: Duration of the tour is three and a half hours
  • Wheelchair friendly: Special accommodations made for wheelchair users in tours
  • Vehicle provided: Private cab 


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Things you would get to witness:

  • Leaky Cauldron
  • Platform 9¾
  • Knight Bus Bridge
  • Third Handbook Shop
  • Ministry of Magic
  • Gringotts Bank
  • Diagon Alley

We are a native Londoner who enjoys delivering commentary and tales about all of our tour stops, as well as the locations of the ‘Potterology’ filming throughout the city. The wizarding world of Harry Potter may have begun in the dreary village of Little Whinging, but it is in the vibrant city of London that you will find many of the real-life filming locations used in the Harry Potter films. This tour travels from location to location so that you may see, stand near to, and sometimes walk in the actual places where Muggles are afraid to step. The locations are close enough to one another that you can drive between them.

Walk diagonally down Diagon Alley, take a tiny step closer to Platform 9 3 4, or park yourself outside Gringotts Bank for a better perspective of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Actual Harry Potter film locations such as these are all featured in this tour of authentic Harry Potter film locations. This trip is not phantasmagorical in any way; you will believe you have received your Hogwarts acceptance letter after going on it.

This will not be a stop-and-go tour in the traditional sense. Your journey through London will be supervised and chauffeured by us, and we will deliver explanations as we go along. Along the route, there are various photo chances to capture. All of the walks are only a few minutes in length, which is convenient. The time it takes to see it varies depending on where you are and can range from one or two minutes to a couple of minutes depending on the area.

Being chauffeured around London in a London cab by a professional driver/walking guide, is incredibly efficient and will make the day enjoyable and memorable for you.Everyone, with the exception of Death Eaters, is invited to join this Harry Potter London walking tour.


Health & Safety

  • Britway cabs are equipped with a translucent perspex wall that separates the driver guide from the passengers.
  • Hand sanitiser is available in the cab
  • Taxi sanitised before every tour
  • Intercom allows 2-way conversation
  • Walking parts of all tours are done as safely as possible
  • Official’ Good To Go’ Visit England health certificate

Additional Info

  •  Mercedes Vito London Taxi – spacious, with partitions and air conditioning
  • The Door 2 Door service can pick you up and drop you down at any location in central London (extra charges may apply if different).
  • Numerous photo opportunities and the opportunity to take a short walk.
  • Combine excursions up to 5 or 7 hours in length, for example, Highlights + Harry Potter.
  • In addition to being your guide and driver, we provide detailed commentary throughout the tour.

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3.5-Hour Tour


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